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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Equine alert
The Tennessee state veterinarian has announced three new cases of horses made sick by viruses that infect the blood. A horse in Davidson County and a horse in Knox County recently tested positive for West Nile Virus , and a horse in Bedford County tested positive for equine infectious anemia. “We think about the summer as being bad for biting insects, but the risk carries well into the fall,” says State Veterinarian Dr. Charles Hatcher. “Horse owners need to be vigilant, take preventive measures, and practice good animal husbandry to protect their livestock year-round.” Mosquitoes and other biting insects are responsible for transmission, with symptoms in horses including fever, weakness, loss of appetite, or convulsions. The illness is treatable. Equine anemia is commonly transmitted through biting insects or sharing needles, and there is no treatment or vaccine. Once infected, a horse must be permanently quarantined or euthanized. State law requires an annual Coggins test to check for the presence of disease before any horse is transported from its home farm to a different location. Owners should avoid co-mingling their horses with other, unfamiliar horses, never share needles, dental, or surgical equipment among different animals, eliminate standing water sources where insects may gather and breed, and apply fly sprays and insect repellants as needed.

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