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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CLB funds SRO's
The Cocke County Legislative Body CLB) meeting in regular session Monday evening agreed to pick up the cost of placing armed security guards at all county schools which do not have a school resource officer(SRO). School officials are hoping for state funding which would allow for an SRO at every school. Currently seven schools do not have an SRO, but have a contracted security guard. The body spent time talking about a self-contained wastewater treatment system for Hartford. At one time the Newport Utilities considered a nearby site in the Mill Creek area of the Cherokee National Forest however the forest service is prohibited from having such a system on it's property according to Mayor Crystal Ottinger. The CLB was told by Mike Ryan that such a system would negatively impact a pristine area, diminishing it's lure for tourists who visit the whitewater venue. Clint Hammonds of the utility, in response to a suggestion that a wastewater line but connected to the current line, said such a project would not be economically feasible. Partnership President Lucas Graham said a feasibility study is underway, aimed at locating an appropriate site if a large commercial project decides to locate in Hartford. And he said environmental concerns are being considered as a part of the study. But Graham pointed out that septic tanks are not capable of handling the increasing number of visitors to the area. Mayor Ottinger reported that $800,000 plus from an estate will go to the county library board for the construction of a new library in Parrottsville. That money will be added to additional grants for the project. At the request of Lucas Graham the body agreed to donate an additional 15 feet of land in the Cope Boulevard industrial park for a Newport-Cocke County Senior/Social Services Center. The additional land is needed to provide adequate parking. The commission had earler donated the land needed for the center itself. Steve Cobb of Waste Industries attended the meeting to address issues at the county convenience centers. There have been concerns that dumpsters have not been emptied in a timely fashion, and so Cobb provided the commissioners with additional phone numbers to facilitate pickups. The visit by Cobb was sparked by Commissioner Terry Dawson who said the Centerview Convenience Center frequently is full. Sheriff Armando Fontes recognized several individuals who saved the lives of two residents recently. Deputy Sgt. Hollis Emmons ran to the second floor of the courthouse, grabbed a defibrillator and revived Mike Winter who had collapsed on the floor of the courthouse, and who did not have a heartbeat. Emmons was coached in the resuscitation by 911 Dispatcher Terry Pack. Winter addressed the body saying Emmons and Pack saved his life. The sheriff also recognized Cosby School employees who saved the life of cafeteria worker Christy Huff who recently suffered a heart attack on the job. Those recognized were SRO Danny Ray Reese, and school employees Nancy Powers, Mandy Hall and Debbie Hurst. Assistant Director of Schools Casey Kelly said all school staff have been trained in the use of a defibrillator. Love Henderson, a teacher, told the body about the Work Ethic Diploma program which assists high school graduates in their job search. Greg Youngblood called on the commission to pass a resolution which would prohibit employees of the county from serving on the body. Only two members of the CLB who are county employees, have qualified for re-election.

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