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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Mooneyhan suspends campaign, endorses Smallwood
Former Cocke County General Sessions Judge Marcus Mooneyhan announced Friday he is suspending his campaign for Cocke County Mayor in the August 2 election. Mooneyhan running as an Independent, was challenging Incumbent Republican Mayor Crystal Ottinger and Independant candidate William “Bear” Smallwood. Although he has suspended his campaign, Mooneyhan's name will remain on the ballot. “I was going to run under the assumption I could draw my retirement and do the job for nothing. I wanted to give my salary to the EDC (Cocke County Partnership Economic Development Commission) but I found out there is a state law requiring me to take the salary. If I took the salary, I would forfeit my retirement and I can't take that risk financially.” Mooneyhan says he has good ideas on how to raise money without increasing taxes, and a solution to the overcrowded jail. He argues the county doesn't need a new jail; the state prisoners should be sent to a state prison, DUI offenders should be allowed to serve their 48 hour sentence at the National Guard Armory on the weekend, and other inmates should be allowed to go to work with GPS monitors. The former candidate also is a strong proponent of a new industrial park. “I don't think we can go four more years the way we went the last four. When you overspend the budget $2 million over the year before, someone should have seen that coming and raised a red flag. We also have so many problems with that jail so something drastic must take place.” Mooneyhan went on to say he is endorsing Smallwood for the position. “I think he will listen to you and to me and anybody who will give him some good ideas about industry, about taxes and the problems that we have.” But he says much of the financial burden rests on the Cocke County Legislative Body because it is responsible for the county budget. Early voting begins on July 13.

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