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Monday, August 20, 2018

Blackburn and Bredesen
In Dandridge on Saturday, Republican US Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn talked to farmers at the Farm Bureau office. She was told by farmer Jay Mosier that area farmers are very concerned about the tariffs placed on agricultural products by President Trump. Mosier said there is concern about how the trade war with China will impact farm exports. "If they don't get this thing settled, we spent decades developing those markets, if we lose these markets it will take a long time to get them back. I think that is the big concern the agricultural communities have," Mosier told Blackburn. In turn the candidate said she is not "a big fan of tariffs, I like trade agreements." But the candidate went on to say most of the farm tariffs, such as those on soybeans, were retaliatory for tariffs placed on US goods. A long time supporter of the president, Blackburn said she believes the president's tariffs are "too broad." Another farmer, Don Holbert said be believes the tariffs are necessary in response to the theft of intellectual properties by China, as well as his perception of currency manipulation, which also has been alleged by the president. In another issue, the farmers told Blackburn that most of the migrant workers in agricultiture do not stay in this country, they work during the harvest season and then go to their home country. The candidate said she is hopeful legislation pending in Congress can clean up current immigration laws. Today those applying to work in the US often wait for up to ten years to obtain a work visa legally, and so they come to the US illegally. Democrat Phil Bedesen, candidte for the US Senate seat has said he is oppossed to tariffs which increase the cost of goods for the US consumer. Nearly a century after the Tennessee Valley Authority was created to help bring electricity to an impoverished rural Appalachia, Bredesen said Friday he wants TVA to help extend high-speed internet service into underserved rural parts of TVA's seven-state region. Bredesen is a former governor who says that America "needs to take on big and bold ideas" and TVA is an ideal instrument for tackling the challenge of bringing high-speed digital connections to remote areas of Tennessee. Newport Utilities is putting fiber Internet, TV and phone service to it's customers but many rural areas of Tennessee do not have high speed Internet. "TVA seems to be the perfect vehicle to do this," Bredesen told a group of business and government leaders. "TVA's DNA when it was created in the 1930s was to be all about rural development, and TVA is also big enough and has the technical and managerial expertise to pull off a complicated task such as this."

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