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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cocke Corrections Partnership
A number of the members of the newly seated Cocke County Legislative Body met Tuesday in a workshop regarding the future of the de-certified Cocke County Jail. Several of the commissioners volunteered to serve on the Cocke County Corrections Partnership. Mayor Crystal Ottinger said Jail Liability seminars are planned for Knoxville and Johnson City in the near future, and she encouraged the commissioners to attend one of them. The mayor also reported that state officials have approved the newly passed county budget. The State Fire Marshal recently evaluated the jail, however Mayor Ottinger declined to provide the press with copies of the findings, saying they are not public record. But Sheriff Armando Fontes told the commissioners that most of the deficiencies in the jail have been corrected, but the CLB will be required to develop a plan of action to address the findings that have not been rectified. "I jumped on it right away and actually called in some metal fabricators to fix alot of things that had to be done, as well as electricians. Most everything is already fixed that I can." Mayor Ottinger asked the sheriff to provide the commissioners with a list of the items that have not been repaired, so he can obtain direction on the repairs from the commission. She indicated that some of the upgrades, costing more than $25,000, will have to be put out to bid. The sheriff also provided a financial history of his department saying his eight year tenure "was much less than the prior eight years in the amount of overall increases and we also spent less money on vehicles under my budget." The sheriff added that his administration also put more revenue back into the General Fund, compared to previous administrations, "and we lowered the crime rate alot more."

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