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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Cocke County Litter Index
Keep Cocke County Beautiful(KCCB) board members recently completed their 2019 litter index assessment of the county. The Index involves a selection of a minimum of five areas and a mile stretch of ten roads must be evaluated. KCCB divided the county into seven areas (according to the seven voting districts) and selected ten roads in each area. A group of four board members were present to score each road. These scores then were averaged together to provide a score of the road itself. “We selected roads that were heavily traveled in each district. We also looked at past indices and chose roads that had high index scores in the past and chose a few roads that we hadn’t traveled previously,” explained KCCB executive director Meka Henderson. Most districts saw a decrease in litter but not all. Those communities showing a decrease in litter are; Parrottsville 44 percent; Hartford/Grassy Fork 40 percent; Cosby 13 percent; Del Rio 12 percent and Bybee a four percent decrease. Newport however saw a 20 percent increase in litter and Carson Springs a 16 percent increase. Henderson says the index shows an overall decrease of 17% compared to the 2018 litter index results. So….from where does all this trash come? Much of the trash that was observed alongside the roads were fast food bags, cups, and containers along with beverage cans and bottles. Areas were more heavily littered around convenience centers due to trash flying out of uncovered vehicles. And according to Henderson, accidental litter occurs when objects fly out of a vehicle. Incidental littering is a habit, and people litter for various reasons. The primary reason for littering is that people feel no sense of pride or ownership for their community, and so it doesn’t bother them to throw out their trash. Secondly, people are also more inclined to litter when they already see litter in an area. And thirdly, people litter because they know that someone else will clean it up. “Many people have the mentality that as long as they don’t get caught doing it….oh well!,” observes Henderson Optional index scoring also was completed that included sighting illegal signage or signs lying down, abandoned/junk vehicles, outdoor/storage issues, and graffiti. There were many sightings of abandoned and/or junk vehicles, and several illegal dumpsites. “We live in, what I believe, is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. We have beautiful majestic mountains which paint a breathtaking backdrop to gentle rolling hills and pasture fields. Our local waterways meander peacefully throughout our county while sloping out magnificent cascades and waterfalls. What is there not to love and be proud of? Born and raised in Cocke County, I am proud to be from such a place with such gorgeous scenery. I am proud to call these people my family. But I’m not proud of the litter scattered along the roadsides. Let’s show some pride in our county and Keep Cocke County beautiful,” suggests Henderson.

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