Monday, April 22, 2019

Tennessee jobs
The tit for tat tariffs are increasing the cost of goods for American consumers and also putting American jobs at risk. Although President Donald Trump doesnt like the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA, a recent study by the Business Rountable of Trade Partnership Worldwide, shows one of every five jobs in Tennessee is supported by international trade. The study found that 806,100 Tennessee jobs is supported by exports and imports. Currently, 6,961 Tennessee businesses export goods or services, and a total of 206 countries and territories buy Tennessee-made goods and services. The study found that despite concerns about Mexican or Canadian imports taking U.S. jobs, the share of jobs supported by trade has more than doubled in the 27 years since NAFTA was adopted. The pro-trade Roundtable estimates that international trade supports 806,100 jobs in Tennessee and nearly 39 million jobs nationwide. "Going back before NAFTA was adopted, we saw about one in 10 jobs were dependent then upon international trade and today that is about one in five jobs so we've seen a real dramatic increase in jobs and in the share of jobs that relate to international trade," says Paul DeLaney, vice president for trade and international at the Business Roundtable. "There were a number of international agreements that opened up more free trade and contributed to these gains, but NAFTA was certainly key." Currently Tennessee exports $9.9 billion in goods and services to Canada annually; more than $5.2 billion to Mexico; $3.5 billion to China; $2.6 billion to Japan and $1.6 billion to Germany. Since the free trade agreement was reached with Mexico and Canada in 1992, exports to those countries from Tennessee have jumped 470 percent and jobs related to trade have grown five times faster than the overall job market. The new study found that exports of goods and services from the Volunteer State to Canada and Mexico totaled $15.2 billion in 2017. The Business Roundtable, which represents businesses that collectively employ more than 15 million U.S. workers, is highlighting the advantages of trade to the U.S.

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