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Friday, April 26, 2019

Cocke County Planning Commission
The Cocke County Planning Commission met this week and heard from Newport City Planner Gary Carver regarding the proposed development plans for the West Highway 25/70 Corridor. The plans were developed following a community forum at city hall. Although the corridor is in the city, a patchwork of parcels along the thoroughfare has some in the city and others in the county. And so a decision was made to prepare a coordinated approach that both city and county officials can buy into. "It's important that the planning commissions work together. There is no guarantee that Newport will always have a planning commission and so, whatever you do needs to be coordinated," suggested state planner Dan Hawk. Hawk went on to say that when the planners begin talking with the county legislative body about putting regulations in the corridor, having worked with Newport planners "will make a strong statement to the county commission." He pointed out that the county has fewer young people than 10 years ago, but the county is still growing. "It shouldn't matter one way or the other, where people are living, what matters is that they have good, safe and prosperous opportunities throughout the county." Carver presented the proposed plan for the corridor saying there are several areas in the county that could benefit from regulations, including the burgeoning Hartford area. Hawk said all high growth areas need regulations, pointing out that all of the counties surrounding Cocke County have comprehensive zoning plans. He went on to say the state plans to spend alot of money in the community in the immediate future including the Newport Bypass and a re-configured 432 exit at Interstate 40. There are plans to hold a joint meeting of the two planning commissions, likely in July.

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