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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Kiwanis Ramp Festival
The Newport Kiwanis Ramp Festival is planned for Friday and Saturday at the Cocke County Fairgrounds in Newport. The long running festival pays homage to the ramp, a wild leek, garlic or wild onion which grows in higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains. Residents of Appalachia have long celebrated spring with the arrival of the ramp, believing it to be a tonic capable of warding off many winter ailments. Indeed, ramp's vitamin and mineral content did bolster the health of people who went without many green vegetables during the winter. The Cherokee also eat the plant as a spring tonic, for colds and for croup. Ramps also have a growing popularity in restaurants throughout North America. The plant's flavor, a combination of onions and strong garlic,is adaptable to numerous cooking styles. Chair of the Kiwanis Entertainment Committee, Glenn Ray, says there will be lots of food on site for the festival. Barbeque, catfish, and hot dogs and hamburgers will be available along with the always popular and flavorful ramp. Ray says both cooked and raw ramps will be available Live music is on tap Friday afternoon from 3 pm till 7 pm and on Saturday from 11:30 am till 6:30 pm. Taylor Galess will play at 11:30 am on Saturday; Big Creek Bluegrass at 1 pm; Wild Blue Yonder at 3 pm and Mountain Edge at 5 pm. There also will be opportunities both Friday and Saturday for amateur musicians and singers to perform on the stage. Pageants for various age groups are on tap for Saturday afternoon.

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