Monday, October 07, 2019

Invasive carp
Invasive carp are heading further into Tennessee, threatening the region's renowned freshwater ecosystem and posing risk to recreational water users and fishermen. The non-native fish are making their way through the U.S. and biologists, federal officials and fishermen are working to combat them as they spread. Asian carp were brought to the U.S. from southeast Asia in the 1970s to help clean retention ponds, but the plan backfired when the fish escaped into the Mississippi River system during flooding. The fish have been moving throughout river systems in the eastern U.S. , and with no North American fish large enough to eat adult Asian carp, they continue to spread. Three species of Asian carp are considered invasive and threatening freshwater systems across the eastern U.S. Black carp bring major challenges because they feed on mollusks, threatening native mussel and snail populations. Forty-two known species of mussels in Tennessee are currently on the federal endangered list, and several species have already gone extinct, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The most looming threat for the area is silver carp heading toward the Tennessee River system. The fish tend to populate a reservoir and migrate to the next one.

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