Friday, October 11, 2019

Bear cub hit in Jefferson County
Officials with Appalachian Bear Rescue(ABR) in Townsend say they are caring for a black bear cub who was hit by a car in Jefferson County on Wednesday. Employees were called to The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine regarding an injured bear who had been taken there by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. after being struck by a car. "We don’t know much about the bear, except that it’s male and weighs 51.3 pounds. He may be a small yearling or a cub of the year; it’s difficult to tell at the moment. He doesn’t have any fractures but does have facial swelling and is very lethargic. He’s been given a room in Hartley House where he can be kept cool and sheltered. Though he doesn’t have broken bones, he's in a fragile state and will need every bit of strength and courage he can muster," says Curator Ashley Jones. Employees of ABR have named the cub Lyon Bear. On Thursday Curator Jones posted an update on Lyon Bear saying, "He’s in pretty bad shape and we hope he’ll find the strength to rally. A gentle word of caution to our friends, both old and new; not all bear rescue stories have a happy ending. The fact the bears are here is tragic, the result of misfortune, hunger, or injury. Every day is a gift, for bears and humans, and we hope for one more…and then another…and another…and another." If you want to assist Appalachian Bear Rescue, go to the organization's website at

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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