Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Stolen vehicles recovered
Cocke County authorities on Saturday recovered two vehicles that had been reported stolen. Deputy Lt. Michael Whitmer said both vehicles, 2012 Ford Fiesta's, were found on a dead-end driveway off Indian Camp Creek Road in the Cosby community. Responding to a tip, officers found a blue Fiesta which had been reported stolen by the owner, Jennifer Cody, Cabbage County Road, Hartford on October 4. Cody said the car was taken by Cory Hazelwood and a girl she knew only as Megan. Cody said her purse was in the auto when it was taken from her home. The auto also contained clothes belonging to Gregory Owen of Cabbage County Road. When found, the $8,000 vehicle was on blocks with the wheels and tires removed, the hood was damaged and the battery was missing. Also found at the scene was a grey Fiesta which had been reported stolen from Sevier County. The auto is owned by Judy Murray, of Walland. It too was on blocks, missing the wheels and tires, the hood was up, and the battery was missing.

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