Thursday, June 04, 2020

Black lawmakers call for respect for everyone
A number of black state lawmakers in Tennessee are calling on citizens for support in addressing the fallout from George Floyd’s death while in custody in Minneapolis. “I think we got to figure a way to tell the good cops from the bad cops,” said state Senator Brenda Gilmore. Gilmore would like to see state lawmakers help fund body cameras for law enforcement statewide, and also suggests more training for officers in dealing with race relations. “I think the young people are really tired,” she adds, “If we don’t make some changes, and make substantive changes that really makes a positive difference, I think we are all going to regret it.” Earlier in the week, several House Black Caucus members had similar advice about change in police practices. “When we see some of the frustration going on in the world around us, let’s take a moment and try to understand that frustration,” suggested Memphis Democrat Rep. Jesse Chism. “When we make laws, when we pass legislation, is it good for all Tennesseans?” added Nashville Democrat Vincent Dixie.

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