Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Thursday is Election Day in Tennessee
Remember Election Day is Thursday from 9 a. 8 pm at all precincts in Cocke County for the State Primary and County General Election. Voters must choose Republican or Democratic ballots to vote in the US Senate and US House Primary. All voters get the county general election ballot in their precinct regardless of whether they vote Republican or Democratic in the State Primary, according to Josh Blanchard, Cocke County Administrator of Elections. The only contested county general election is in the First District for Constable at Del Rio, Grassy Fork, and Edwina, where Josh Spurgeon of Newport and Randy Laws of Hartford have qualified. Also Incumbent Republican nominee Angie Ray Shelton is unopposed for Property Assessor. Voters may bring their own ink pens for signing in. Precinct workers will also have pens for voters that have not been used by others. Voters may also ask for a popsicle stick to press the buttons on the voting machine. Hand sanitizer is available at the precincts. Voters may choose to wear a mask, and may keep the mask on while showing a valid photo ID. Out of state driver licenses are not acceptable. There is a detour to the Parrottsville and Forest Hills precincts; Voters at those precincts should be aware that Old Parrottsville Highway is closed at the Clear Creek bridge. From North Highway 321, take Carpenter Road or use the other end of Old Parrottsville Highway. From Highway 340 North, voters can also use Clear Creek Road to Clear Road. Cocke County Administrator of Elections, Josh Blanchard, says 2,568 Cocke Countians voted early at the early voting site. Adding in Absentee ballots returned through Saturday, early and absentee combined ballots total 2,864. If a voter has received an absentee ballot, they have until Thursday for it to arrive by mail at the election commission office. Call the election office for more information at 623-2042 or go online to CockeCountyElection.org or GoVoteTN.com. The NewsSource will have the election results when they have been completed, or residents can go to CockeCountyElection.org for unofficial results Election Night.

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