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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Newport Grammar closed today and Friday
Newport Grammar School announced Wednesday it has cancelled classes for today and Friday because of the large number of students and staff who are ill. Director of Schools Sandra Burchette said the school, with an enrollment of 719, typically has 30 to 40 students absent because of illness. "We had 80 students out on Tuesday and 86 on Wednesday, and the school nurse sent several home from school each day. This will give our custodians time to do a thorough cleaning," she explained. According to Burchette, the large number of absentees is the result of the flu as well as a stomach virus in the school.

Cocke County delinquent property taxes
Each year about five percent of property owners in Cocke County do not pay their property tax. But that means they end up paying interest and penalty fees, or they lose their property. Property is usually sold for back taxes after the property owner has not paid the taxes for two or three years. A delinquent property tax sale was held in Cocke County on October 25, at which time 118 properties were auctioned off. That day a total of about $855,700 was taken in. But during the month of October, prior to the sale, Circuit Court Clerk Kristy Nease collected $335,000 from property owners who did not want to lose their property. In October the county collected $72,000 in interest and penalty fees, on delinquent taxes that totaled nearly $197,000. Most of the properties brought in quite a bit more than was owed in taxes but Clerk Nease says the extra money will not go into the Cocke County coffers. "A large amount of the total brought in from the tax sale, is what we call 'land sale overage'. Imagine the taxes due are $300, but the property brings $3,000 at the auction," says Clerk Nease. "So the $2,700 overage at the end of the one year redemption period, goes either to the original owner if the property is redeemed, or to the purchaser." The original owner has a year in which to redeem the property by paying off the purchase price as well as the interest and penalties. Nease says, if at the end of the year, the original property owner cannot be located, the excess sales price must be turned over to the state in unclaimed funds.

New Women's Health specialists in Newport
It was earlier this year that the Newport Medical Center unveiled it's new Birthing Center, and now two new Women's Health specialists have joined the staff at the Center. CEO Matthew Littlejohn says both of the recruits are board-certified. Dr. Bill Harris practiced OB/GYN in Morristown for 30 years and Dr. Jeanette Toney, who is in her mid-30's, relates well to her patients. Littlejohn says the cost for women's health is competitive at the local medical center and means the patient can receive the best care in the country, while remaining close to home.

Tree of Remembrance
District Attorney General James B. Dunn of the Fourth Judicial District held the Tenth Annual Victims’ Tree of Remembrance Ceremony on Tuesday at the Sevier County Courthouse. The ceremony is held annually to honor the memory of victims of violent crime. Dunn says many family members and friends of victims attended and brought an ornament to hang on the tree in honor of their loved ones. Several law enforcement agencies attended as well to show their support and to hang an ornament in memory of victims in their community. The Victims’ Tree of Remembrance will remain on display in the foyer of the Sevier County Courthouse throughout the holiday season. General Dunn expressed appreciation to everyone who attended the ceremony and all of those who worked so very hard to make it happen.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

  • Newport Grammar closed today and Friday
  • Cocke County delinquent property taxes
  • New Women's Health specialists in Newport
  • Tree of Remembrance

    Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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