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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Moore arrest
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Patrol and Criminal Investigation Division along with deputies assigned to the 4th Judicial District Drug and Violent Crime Task Force have arrested Lisa Marie Moore, no age given, on four counts Sale and Delivery of a Controlled Substance/Schedule II Narcotic (Methamphetamine) and Theft of Property. Sheriff Jeff Coffey said the arrest was made on January 18 after officers went to 1723 Mullins Chapel Rd to serve several warrants on Moore following an investigation into the sale of narcotics at the residence.

Lee sworn in as governor
Republican Bill Lee on Saturday took the oath of office as Tennessee's 50th governor, stressing self-reliance, sacrifice, unity and faith in God to meet the state's challenges. The new governor said, "our greatness has always come from the collective lives, service, commitment and sacrifice of those who came before us because of what we have always done as a people together, in community with each other, in service to our state and to our neighbors." And he added, "As honored as I am to be your next governor, no governor will solve the problems in fact, no government will solve the greatest problems that we face. Government is not the answer to our challenges." And so he has opposed expanding Medicaid to an estimated 300,000 low-income working adults under the federal Affordable Care Act. But Lee admits "too few Tennesseans have access to health care that they can afford." While Tennessee is experiencing record low unemployment and taxes with companies moving into the state as well as new start-ups, Lee said 15 rural counties remain mired in poverty. "Our rural communities are struggling," he said. "We've made tremendous progress in education in this state, and yet, we're still in the bottom half of states," said Lee, who is a strong proponent of vouchers which would take dollars from struggling school systems. Lee, who also ran on boosting vocational education in middle and high schools, said he wants a resurgence of vocational, technical and agricultural education as well as the inclusion of civics and character education. The new governor went on to say more must be done to assist those leaving jail, "Today in Tennessee, half of them commit crimes again and return to prison within the first three years. We need to help non-violent criminals re-enter society, and not re-enter prison. I believe we can do it and create safer neighborhoods for everyone in Tennessee."

MLK Celebration
Local officials and the Coke County community turned out Monday for a celebration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Originally the plans called for a day of service, including a clean-up of the Jones Hill community, however the cold temperatures forced a postponement of that aspect of the celebration. At the Tanner Cultural Center, the program was facilitated by Sandra Nutall of the Tanner Preservation Alliance. She told those in attendance, "The time is always right, to do right." And Nuttall applauded the actions of Dr. King who she said set out to ensure that all people living in the US were treated equally and fairly. "He did that to the point of losing his life. So how many of us are willing to stand up for something that may cost your life?" Nuttall said when Dr. King delivered his "I have a dream speech", he never imagined that the US would one day have a black president. "Fifty years after Dr. King delivered his speech, another black man stood at the Lincoln Memorial to address the masses. This time with a lecture embellished with the presidential seal. And the crowd assembled to hear Barack Obama included women, minorities, and immigrants who had climbed the ladder of mobility that did not exist five decades earlier." The cultural center at one time was a Rosenwald school which served Newport's black students. Plans call for having the structure rehabilitated as a cultural center housing the Tanner Preservation Alliance, Cocke County Partnership, Cocke County Tourism and Information Center, Keep Cocke County Beautiful and Cocke County Senior Center. Those organizations hosted the MLK event on Monday. Several persons in the audience attended the Tanner school which closed when the local schools were integrated. Agnes Greentold the audience she went on to attend Morristown College. Green related an incident in which her parents visited one of the teachers at the school telling her she should not whip her students "like they were mules." Carlene Robinson who now heads the Cocke County Senior Center remembered that at the school, "everyone was close knit, you were either related to, or went to church with, everyone you went to school with." Larry Haney said when he went to the school in the early 1960's, the students played basketball with the other schools, but it was difficult to get uniforms which were expensive. And he said the school bus driver "Rabbit" Brooks used a station wagon to transport students to the school, making a number of trips because of his small vehicle. Nuttall said the books used at Tanner were given to the school after they were replaced at other schools, "but the Tanner Cultural Center now is for everyone in the community, and for everyone who wants to learn." Tourism Director Linda Lewanski expressed appreciation to the city, for the opportunity of her agency to use the Center. And Newport Vice-Mayor Mike Proffitt thanked everyone for the work they did to rehabilitate the former school.

Pit Bull attack
A Cocke County boy was injured Monday when he was attacked by the family Pit Bull dog. Brittany Leann Atkins, Country Path Way, Newport, told Deputy Sgt. Max Laughter that the incident involving her son occurred at the residence just before 8 pm. Ten year-old Jaydon Huskey sustained puncture marks to both arms, stomach and right leg in the attack, and in response, family members shot the dog. The injured child was treated at the Newport Medical Center following the incident.

Knoxville trucker injured
A Knoxville trucker was injured Monday morning when his rig left Interstate 81 at the 7 mile marker northbound in Jefferson County. Lt. Richard Garrison of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said the 4:58 am crash occurred when the 2009 International, operated by 51 year-old Chris Craig, went into the median. "The driver of the Koch Foods tractor trailer fell asleep, running off the left side, causing the truck to roll onto its top. The truck was transporting live chickens," he said. Craig was pinned in the wreckage and was freed by emergency personnel. He also required medical treatment.

Sanctuary cities
Tennessee's new governor, Bill Lee, says he will ask his legal team to investigate whether Shelby County is following a new law that prohibits local authorities from requiring a warrant or probable cause before complying with federal immigration detainers. Earlier this month, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said it will not detain anyone being released from jail without a warrant or probable cause because the county attorney advised that the new law doesn't apply to them. But ithe county will continue to notify federal authorities when noncitizens are booked. The Republican majority Legislature passed the law last year banning so-called sanctuary policies during a heated election cycle that focused on immigration. Enforcement of the law calls for a local citizen to sue and a judge to rule that a policy in his or her government is in violation. While the legislation was being debated Lee praised it even though Tennessee never had a sactuary city before the law was in place. The term "sanctuary city" generally refers to jurisdictions that do not cooperate with federal immigration laws.

Gasoline moves higher
Gas prices in Tennessee are holding steady, but face upward pressure, due to recent strength in the oil market and rising wholesale gasoline prices. The average price for gasoline in Tennessee is $2.01 per gallon, but should rise an additional 3-5 cents this week. Tennessee motorists are paying 1-cent more than a week ago. However, the average price is still 72 cents per gallon less than last year's high. "Rising gas prices are not uncommon during the month of January," says Mark Jenkins of AAA. Oil has climbed $8 so far this year, largely due to reduced OPEC output and renewed optimism for a US-China trade deal. But AAA still expects gas prices overall to average less than last year, with the national average peaking at around $2.75 by Memorial Day."

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