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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Broadway infrastructure project
Newport Utilities(NU) Water Works division is preparing to begin the replacement of aging water and sewer infrastructure along Broadway in Newport. The water project will include approximately one mile of new 12” ductile iron pipe, which will replace the existing cast iron pipes. The water project also calls for all new waterlines connecting to side streets, new fire hydrants, and new service connections. “ The replacements will result in vast improvements in water flow to fire hydrants,” said Sharon R. Kyser, Marketing & Public Relations Manager. The wastewater project provides for replacing 6” clay pipes with 8” PVC and installing all new connections to sewer lines on side streets. Kyser says the City of Newport has grown considerably since Newport Water Works installed the first public system waterlines in 1911. “At the time these pipes were put in place more than 100 years ago, traffic consisted of buggies and carriages, which required less road width than today’s vehicles,” explains Clint Hammonds, Supervisor, NU Water Works. “Since then, streets have been widened and the water lines that did lie along the road in accessible rights-of-way are now located under the main street. This makes the work of replacing the pipes more intrusive.” NU is working in cooperation with TN Department of Transportation (TDOT) to develop a traffic plan during the pipe replecement project. Work is expected to begin the first week of April and is anticipated to take five to six months to complete. Crews will work in controlled areas approximately one to two blocks at a time. Some of the work will be done at night to minimize customer impact. When connections must be made during daytime hours, outage time should be less than an hour. This project will also clear the way for TDOT to make road improvements following NU’s work. While crews are working on Broadway, some street parking will be unavailable. NU representatives will be meeting with downtown business owners after the traffic plan has been confirmed to inform them of street blockages and help identify parking alternatives.

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