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Friday, June 22, 2018

Trustee Office transfer clarification
In a clarification to an earlier news story; The Cocke County Legislative Body meeting earlier this week rejected a transfer of funds to the commission of Trustee Rob Mathis. Apparently, the commission believed the transfer was additional funding to the office based on the additional revenue that was collected. But Mathis in response says reports that his office requested additional funding are inaccurate. He requested a transfer within departmental funds, not additional money. Mathis says what the CLB rejected was an internal bookkeeping issue in the County Mayor's Office and had nothing to do with the Trustee's Office. "My office never requested this money. The transfer in question was an internal bookkeeping issue in the County Mayor's Office and had nothing to do with the Trustee's off8ice," says Mathis. The trustee says not only did his office not request additional funds, "we have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and interest earned from investments to the county general fund." Mathis says "This money, in effect, is extra money for the county. He says the investments have resulted in approximately $600,000 for the county this fiscal year. The trustee stresses that he is always glad to talk with taxpayers who have concerns. His number is 423-623-3037.

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