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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Daniel approved for ballot
The Cocke County Election Commission, voted unanimously on Tuesday to place the name of Douglas Dewayne "Doodle" Daniel on the November 6 ballot. Daniel currently is Mayor of Parrottsville and had previously submitted his name for re-election to the Parrottsville Commission. But then the Election Commission received three letters challenging the petition, with the writers arguing that Daniel's residency is outside of the Town of Parrottsville. At the Tuesday meeting, Administer of Elections Josh Blanchard told the commission that there are a number of pieces of evidence that can be submitted to prove one's residency. Joseph Fromme told the body he filed a letter of inquiry, because the issue of Daniel's residency has been debated by his supporters and detractors. "The reason for my letter is to bring this matter to a head so healing and cooperation can begin between all citizens of our little town with a big heart," Fromme said. "It saddens me that matters such as this have only been addressed on the streets and coffee shops, and not at the town board meetings." He said he is hopeful that in the future residents of Parrottsville will become involved citizens. Businessman Johnny Dixon testified that Daniel's vehicles are more often at the home of his girlfriend, than at the home of his parents where he says he resides. Dixon went on to say he wants proof of Daniel's residency, adding that "a water or electric bill, rent receipt or proof of property ownership would be important." Daniel then testified that he had earlier provided copies of his driver's license, vehicle registrations, financial statements and his voter registration, which show his residency, to the election commission office. He said he resides with his mother at 2121 Old Parrottsville Highway, which is in the city limits. Daniel said his personal belongings are at the home of his parents, and some are at the home of his girlfriend, which is outside of the city. My address now is 2121 Old Parrottsville Highway, and I do have multiple vehicles and sometimes my vehicles are left over there. There are seven different vehicles that I can drive, and I can only drive one at a time." Daniel's mother, Nancy Balch testified that he lives at her home and his girlfriend frequently stays there. And Charlie Cobble also testified that the candidate lives with his mother. In response to suggestions that Daniel is living with his girlfriend, Election Commission member Stephen Stokley said," When you try to legislate where people can spend the night, you are getting back to the 17th. century. I'm not into legislating morality." And so the commission voted to put Daniel on the ballot. They also approved write-in candidates, Gayla Hommel and Randall H. Sheetz, for the Parrottsville Commission. Early voting for the election begins October 17 and ends on November 1.

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