Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cocke County gets new SRO's
The Cocke County Sheriff’s Office and the Cocke County Board of Education announced Monday that seven new School Resource Officers will be assigned to Cocke County Schools beginning in January. The Cocke County Board of Education has been awarded an annual safety grant of $245,000, to fund the SRO's salaries, through a program announced by Governor Bill Lee. The announcement means that in January, Cocke County schools will have 11 full-time SRO’s working alongside children and faculty in every school. The officers will be conducting safety education, drug education, and will be assigned to investigating criminal issues at their assigned school. "The officers will be a positive role model for our children by motivating them to become community leaders, to stand against bullying, to help them better understand the dangers of substance abuse and to be responsible, accountable citizens," says Sheriff Armando Fontes. During the summer when school is not in session, the officers will conduct safety assessments and work patrol in the community. And the sheriff adds, "Having an officer in every school has been a goal of the Sheriff’s Office and school system due to safety concerns as our world continues to struggle with violence in every community." The new SRO's are; Daniel Williams, Danny Hartsell, Chris Williamson, Joshua Boyce, Jessica Butler, Teresa Maples and Jacob Damron.

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