Saturday, August 08, 2020

Walsingham income proposal
Blair Walsingham, the Democratic Congressional nominee in Tennessee's 1st District on Friday said if elected, she will seek legislation for a Freedom Dividend, a monthly basic income of $1000 to Americans 18 and over. Walsingham said corporations thrive on benefits from tax dollars, and, "It's time for taxpayers to thrive too." Walsingham points to direct cash distributions by Dolly Parton following the Gatlinburg fires, and per capita distribution in the nearby Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, as models of basic income. While basic income plans vary, Walsingham's plan is universal. "This dividend unites Americans with a shared benefit of citizenship," saying her plan could eradicate poverty. But the program would not benefit just for low income households. "Middle class Americans," adds Walsingham, "are suffering from debt and healthcare bills."

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